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Branstad Biography: Iowa’s Record Setting Governor

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowans will see a new side of a man whose lived in the public eye for decades.

A new biography about Terry Branstad is hitting book shelves later this year. It's called, "Iowa's Record Setting Governor: The Terry Branstad Story."

"It's really a biography telling about my life. The influences of growing up on the farm, the influences I gained from that . The great teachers that influenced me that made me want to go into public service," said Governor Branstad.

Author Mike Chapman spent the last year and half delving into the Governor's early years growing up in Winnebago County. "This has been one of the hardest tasks I've ever tackled, but one of the most  gratifying. I'm a huge fan of the man, Terry Branstad and I think you will be too once you read the book," said Chapman.

The biography shares a few stories about the Governor's athletic achievements and a story about his first case as an attorney.  Chapman, a Waterloo native, has written 27 books, but says biographies are his favorite.

"I interviewed about 44 people. I read over 1,000 newspaper articles. I drove all over the state, I talked to people that talked to people who went to school with him," said Chapman. Branstad, a history buff, says he wants to bring Iowa's rich history to life. All proceeds from his biography will be donated to create a new fund that promotes and preserves the state's past.

"Iowa history is something that I think has not received the attention it deserves and my hope with this is to increase the interest and involvement in Iowa history," the Governor said.

Iowa's Record Setting Governor includes illustrations from Brian Duffy and will be published by Business Publications.

The approximately 250 page biography will be out before Dec. 14 when Branstad makes history and becomes the longest serving Governor in the country.