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Mortgage Company Holding Elderly Couple’s Insurance Payment

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TRURO, Iowa -- For Judy and Rich Guyer of Truro, it was supposed to be their dream retirement home. But their dream has become a nightmare because of their mortgage company, Green Tree.

On June 24, a tree blew down, crushing the roof of their garage.  "The big tree out back which is about 50-feet tall, it started cracking and all the sudden down it came, right across the garage," Judy Guyer told us

So, the Guyers called a repairman for an estimate and contacted their insurance company and a check for $39,000 was sent out to pay for the damages.

Here's where it get's complicated. The check was sent to Green Tree, the holders of the mortgage, and more than a month and a half after the storm Green Tree still is not turning it over so the repairs can be done.  "They ask for this and that and something else and then when you send it to them then they ask for it again," Judy Guyer said.  "We just want to do what they're supposed to do," Richard Guyer added, "Send the checks and release them so we can get back to normal. That's all we want."

So we called Green Tree. After being on hold for about 40-minutes, a rep finally got on the phone and told us all of the necessary paperwork is not in. When we insisted she double check, she learned that the paperwork is in and has been for two weeks.  "What you're saying is that you do have the W9 and you do have the estimate?" Reporter Aaron Brilbeck asked. "Yes," the representative, who identified herself only as Tammy replied, "I didn't look far enough back for it."

We were then told it will take at least another week for someone to look over the information and send out a check; money that the insurance company has already approved. The rep told us Green Tree just doesn't have the staff to process claims quickly and efficiently.  "We have over 19,000 claims right now,"  she said, "I work six in the morning till five o'clock at night and I also come in three or four hours on the weekends." When asked if she thinks Green Tree should hire more people to meet the needs of their customers,  she simply replied "Well, I agree with you."

For now, the Guyers will have to wait until Green Tree releases the funds so they can get the roof fixed, and pray the rain holds off for another week and a half -- when Green Tree says the couple can finally get their insurance check.

"I've cried and I can't sleep and I don't eat good. Nothing," Judy guyer said, fighting back tears, "I just can't handle it. It's just too much. I just want my home back."

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