Flood Warning

Variable Rain Across Iowa

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Weather-wise it's been a pretty good year according to State Climatologist Harry Hillaker with the Iowa Department of Agriculture.
July was a bit wetter and cooler than usual for Iowa and there haven't been any official temperatures above 100 degrees making it the second July in a row with no triple digit weather.
But Hillaker says it's been variable across the state, southern Iowa was very wet, "The worst off area by far is parts of southwest, south central Iowa. Especially right along the Missouri border that's just been too wet, too long and too often. And it's really causing some problems down that way."
Knoxville had upwards of 13 inches of rain in July, but northern Iowa has been really dry Hillaker says, "Dubuque has had barely over an inch of rain for the month and other areas, quite dry for July and many of these same places have been rather dry back in June as well and so really need to get some rain up that way to try and help the crops along as far as corn filling out and the bean pods filling out so still waiting for that rain in many areas up that way."
Hillaker says August is turning out to be pretty dry for central Iowa, with the exception of this past weekend.  Southwest Iowa is still very wet; however, with some parts already at 10 inches of rain this month.


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