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Local Singer Showcases Talent At Iowa State Fair

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DES MOINES, Iowa--A local musician is taking his talents to the Iowa State Fair.

Jimmy Enos found singing helped him heal in more ways than one, and now he’s using his gift to help send a powerful message.

The blues and folk singer/songwriter makes it look easy up on stage, but the journey to get there was anything but.

“I just hope someone doesn't have to experience all the thoughts and torment to get to this point,” says Jimmy Enos.

Jimmy has stuttered since he was a little boy. When he was older he turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the daily struggle.

It wasn't until he was on a mission to get sober he discovered when he sang his stutter disappeared.

“To be able to just know that I gave it my all and I get a peace and serenity that comes out of it and that`s the best gift out of all this.”

Enos is the first act for a new program at the Iowa State Fair called artAbility, being presented by the Metro Arts Alliance.

“We have performances every day, featuring artists of all abilities and they do have a disability but we don`t focus on that we focus on the ability,” says Festival Coordinator Stephanie Jessen.

Jessen says artAbility will feature more than 100 performances and demonstrations by Iowa artists. The festival is also hosting a kid’s carnival with all the proceeds help keep artAbility and its mission alive.

“It gives kids hope, if they see other people can do this, they can too.”

That's Enos’ goal as well. He hopes someone sees his performance and finds the strength to overcome their own fears.

“I think everybody`s got that noble quality inside of them, it`s just taking the time to find it,” says Enos.

artAbility will run throughout the entire fair. There are performances several times a day at locations throughout the fair grounds. The kid’s carnival also runs daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. and is located in the Fun Forest.

For more information and to get specific times of events, click here.

For more information on Enos and his band, Stutterin' Jimmy and the Goosebumps, click here.


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