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Possible Changes Coming to Intersection Where Three Brothers Died

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MAHASKA COUNTY, Iowa -- One week after a deadly crash in Mahaska County, the county engineer is working to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Last Thursday 16-year-old Jamie Singletary, and his brothers 13-year-old Carson and 10-year-old Christian, were killed when their vehicle collided with a truck at an uncontrolled intersection.

Investigators say since neither of the drivers had a stop sign there will likely be no charges in the case.

The county engineer says it's not possible to place traffic signs at all intersections due to lack of funds. However, he says they are looking into the intersection where the crash happened.

“We may never know all that happened out there at that accident but we can offer support for the family and do the best we can and look at all the stuff so we can avoid these in the future if there is such a way of doing that,” says David Shanahan, Mahaska County engineer.

The GoFundMe page set up to help the family has now raised more than $52,000. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart even helped out the family with a donation.

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