CFO Systems Opens Des Moines Office

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DES MOINES, Iowa - If you own a middle-market business and need the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer, but just not full-time, there's a firm now open in Des Moines to help you out.

Omaha-based CFO Systems, LLC opened its Des Moines office this month and is ready to "rent" you a CFO. The firm has technically been serving about 10 to 15 clients in Central Iowa for years, but due to success in the region, recently chose to open up a physical location. Leadership at the firm says it's an ideal move to hire out a part-time CFO if you're business is growing, but not at the pace that would require you to spend the money hiring a full-time position.

"We've got a trucking company - a family-owned trucking company - that started probably 10-12 years ago. A couple of trucks, but they're now up to 35, and we're working with the second generation, and helping them figure out, 1) how much bigger do they want to get, and 2) how to get there in a profitable manner," said Brett Frevert, Managing Director for CFO Systems.

The firm's team is made up of former CFO's from a number of industries, including agriculture, restaurant, logistics, non-profit, and insurance, who are either between jobs or are just looking for part-time work. Pam Clearwater-Lovell, the head of CFO Systems' Des Moines branch, says before she joined the team, she was doing the same work for clients - she just didn't have the resources alone to tackle all of their needs.

"What the main difference for me is, is I now have a team of 25 CFO's that I'm able to go out and promote to prospective clients, where before, it was me," she said. "And one of the common questions I would get is, 'Is it just you? Do you have capacity?' And certainly now my answer is yes we have capacity."

CFO Systems is now looking to expand its team in Des Moines, as well as service more clients. For information on working for or with the firm, visit its website.

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