More Bike-Friendly Apartments are Coming to Town

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DES MOINES, Iowa – More bike-friendly apartments are on the horizon for Des Moines’ bustling downtown development scene south of MLK.

According to developers at RDG Planning & Design, two buildings just south of MLK on SW Fifth Street will be converted into bike-friendly lofts within the next year. One building, currently a furniture warehouse, and the other, currently a studio apartment complex for artists called Art316, will be closed down this fall for construction as they are converted into Harbach Lofts – 106 market-rate apartments.

The $26 million project will be completed by next summer, and comes on the heels of another developer’s plan to construct a bike-friendly apartment community just across the street from Mullet’s, called Bici Flats.

Retail space is planned for the two five-story buildings, as well. Developers say they hope to house a cafe or small bike shop there.