Clinton Says Deadly Virginia Shootings Prove It’s Time to Act on Gun Law Reform

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ANKENY, Iowa–Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t originally plan for the campus at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny to be the site of an impassioned call for gun reform. But the unexpected events of the day Wednesday changed that.

By the time Clinton took the stage for her noon event, the disgruntled former employee of a Roanoke, Virginia, television station who murdered two former co-workers live on the air, had already killed himself. 

Clinton’s event provided the backdrop for her release of a plan to help rural America, policies with a two-fold benefit. One, the ideas could help those people in rural areas who don’t have the access to education, health care, broadband technology and small business assistance like some bigger metropolitan areas do. The second could be a more political benefit for Clinton. Democrats traditionally struggle winning over rural voters. 

Clinton wants free community college and preschool for four-year-olds. She also pledged to help the country provide enough renewable energy to power all households within a decade of the time she becomes president.

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But Clinton's most passionate remarks of the day came when it looked like her words had ended. After Clinton's campaign event, and the news conference that followed, she had just walked away from the microphone after taking what appeared to be the final reporter question of the appearance.

But when a reporter yelled out for her thoughts of what happened in Virginia, Clinton paused briefly and then returned to the microphone.

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