Video From Apparent Gunman’s Perspective Posted on Social Media

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MONETA, Virginia — Video of two journalists being shot at — filmed from a gunman’s perspective — was posted Wednesday on social media accounts that appear to belong to the suspected shooter.

Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of Roanoke, Virginia-based WDBJ-TV were fatally shot Wednesday morning while live on-air. Vicki Gardner, the woman being interviewed at that moment, was injured and in surgery.

Law enforcement later confronted WDBJ employee Vester L. Flanagan on Interstate 66, and Flanagan shot himself, officials told CNN. It is not clear whether he was killed or injured. Flanagan worked at the TV station for one year as a reporter under the name Bryce Williams, a former employee told CNN.

A Twitter account using the name Bryce Williams posted a series of tweets hours after the shooting, making allegations and posting video of the shooting.

The same footage of the shooting from the gunman’s perspective was posted on a Facebook page, also under the name Bryce Williams.

Both social media accounts were suspended within minutes of the hard-to-stomach video being posted.

The video does not show who is holding the recording device. In the footage, you see the camera approach the spot where Parker and Ward were conducting a live shot. The person recording hovers for a few moments just beside where the TV crew is working. The reporter and cameraman don’t appear to pay any attention to the person.

Then, a gun comes into the frame, aimed at Parker, and several shots ring out.

A string of tweets — fragments of allegations and claims against Parker and Ward — preceded the video posting.

Another tweet said, “I filmed the shooting.”

CNN’s Drew Griffin contributed to this report.

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