Water Rescue Near Ames Due to Squaw Creek Flooding

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STORY COUNTY, Iowa -- Gilbert Fire Department was called out to rescue a young driver whose car had washed off the road northwest of Ames.

Due to Friday's heavy rainfall in Hamilton and Webster Counties, the Squaw Creek went out of its banks and over 190th Street.

"We're not specifically equipped for swift water rescue, so we paged out the Story County Dive Team," said Ben Smith, Gilbert Fire Chief. "We found their boat was a little too large for that shallow of water, we were actually able to get one of our firefighter's personal duck boats on scene to make the rescue."

The driver was a high school-aged young woman from the local area who was not aware the road had washed out there, according to Smith. Her car had washed 300 yards downstream. She was standing on the roof of her vehicle when rescued.

"If we wouldn't have had that boat, we wouldn't have been able to get to her," said Smith.

The road is now barricaded off around the flooded portion of the road.

"You can't be careful enough when you're driving around the countryside after heavy rains like we've had, you always haveĀ  to be watching out for water over the road," said Smith. "Never driveĀ  through it, you never know how deep it's going to be."

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