Energy Companies Want to Help You Plant a Tree

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DES MOINES, Iowa - If you're looking to add a little extra "green" to your yard, you might want to turn to your energy company.

Both MidAmerican and Alliant Energy offer tree-planting programs to customers, and this fall, they'll be distributing thousands.

"We found that trees can not only beautify your landscape, and are good for the environment, but they can also help reduce your heating and cooling costs," said Ashton Newman with MidAmerican. "So, trees provide shade for your home on hot summer days, and then windbreak during the winter."

MidAmerican's program offers customers up to two trees per season, worth $60 each, for just $30 each. Trees come in a variety of types, ranging from three to eight feet in height. The company also offers companies grants to plant trees on their property through its "Trees Please!" program. Newman says in 2014, over 3,000 trees were distributed at the end of September to nearly 1,300 customers.

Alliant Energy has similar program for companies called "Branching Out." Alliant says the trees its planted through this program have an energy savings equivalent of removing 7,800 vehicles off Iowa roads.

Both programs operate in both the spring and summer. Applicants can inquire with their energy companies through the websites provided.

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