Regents OK Tuition Increase at ISU and UNI

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Board of Regents meeting at the University of Northern Iowa (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Board of Regents meeting at the University of Northern Iowa (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa- The Iowa Board of Regents has approved a 3% increase for tuition for students at the University of Northern Iowa, and Iowa State University.

The University of Iowa was exempted from the increase after U of I student Liz Mills who told the Regents that students she talked to on her campus said a mid-year increase would create difficulties for financial aid for students.

“Many have shared their struggles with difficult and inflexible financial air plans,” said Mills. “Some are worried that this cannot be used to cover this additional tuition increase.”

Student representatives of Iowa State and UNI said students there see a need for more funding from tuition.

“My fellow students and I have been fortunate, to have several consecutive zero per cent tuition increases,as a measure to keep college affordable,” said Dan Breitbarth, President of the Student Government at Iowa State. “However, now Iowa State Could definitely benefit from some increased income.”

President Bruce Rastetter said he was persuaded to exempt Iowa from the increase due to Mills’ presentation.

“One of my issues in June, as I mentioned was the lateness of the legislature,” said Rastetter. “The concern about student tuition aid, in terms of financial aid, we did not hear that from Iowa State and UNI.”