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RVTV: Carroll is More Than a Town

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CARROLL, Iowa -- Growing up in the unincorporated, rural Mt. Carmel, 7 miles northwest of Carroll, we didn't call Carroll, Carroll, we simply called it Town. We relied on Town for nearly everything since Mt. Carmel didn't have a grocery store, a convenience store, or a store.

We'd go into Town for work. We'd go into Town for shopping. We'd go into Town to “drive the drag.”

Us Mount Carmelites, weren’t the only ones to rely on Carroll. Many rural towns did, Lidderdale, Willey, Dedham, Maple River, Breda, Arcadia, among others which in my estimation makes Carroll the official capital of West Central Iowa.

I mean, look, Carroll has a movie theater, winery, not one mall -- but two, not one high school -- but two. Not one golf course -- but two. Not one bar -- but a lot.

And to top it all off it’s where Mary Lou, my grandma, lives.

And as my grandma’s grandma can attest, Carroll was an important railroad hub in the mid-1800s. To this day trains still come through…over and over.

There are many trains in Carroll. But also there a lot of wonderful people that support you even if you are an outsider that grew up in one of its many suburbs.

Carroll isn’t just a town, it’s an area. And I’m happy to be from here.

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