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Victims Identified in Des Moines Double Homicide

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines Police claim the neighborhood where Friday morning's double homicide occurred isn't anymore dangerous than others but those who live in the Carpenter Neighborhood disagree.

The victims of the double homicide have been identified as 20-year-old Demetrius Thomas and 19-year-old Mohammad Nabeel Mirzai, both residents of Des Moines, according to the Des Moines Police Department.

According to the Carpenter Neighborhood's website, the neighborhood is east of Drake University but considered to be apart of the Drake Neighborhood Association.

Kolan Clark has lived in the area for years and says the drugs and violence isn't going away, in fact at times it's worse.

"Ten years ago it used to be really bad. You used to have the C-  Blocks and the Outlaws were around this area and they moved on," he said. "But you still have people who think they are in gangs and in order for them to make sure they feel hard, they just starting shooting."

Friday morning, Thomas and Nabeel Mirzai were found shot to death on 22nd Street between Forest and Carpenter Avenues. It's not clear if the men were shooting at each other or if there is another person involved.

The deaths are the 9th and 10th homicides this year. In 2014, Des Moines Police investigated 12 homicides. A spokesperson with the department says the city is on pace to have an average year.

"Obviously warm weather we spike are activity whether its loud parties or homicides and as things cool off, things slow down. So no I don’t think we are heading for a record year by any means," said Sergeant Paul Parizek.

However, residents like Clark wish the violence would slow down but doubts that will happen unless police start narrowing in on illegal gun activity.

"They need to actually find the people that are selling the guns illegally because a lot of the people don’t go to the store to get guns they are getting them off the street," he said. "Someone just the other day asked if me I wanted to buy a gun from him."

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