Republican Presidential Hopefuls Take on the Cy-Hawk Tailgate

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AMES, Iowa - Four Republican presidential hopefuls hit the Cy-Hawk tailgating scene outside of Jack Trice Stadium in Ames Saturday with the goal of turning fans into voters.

"So, if I were president, I would enforce the law, and you would have zero tolerance,"said Rand Paul to a reporter on the question of illegal immigration. "If you come in illegally, you will be sent home - immediately."

Marco Rubio was the second guest at the Iowa Republican Party's tailgate spot, with tough talk on China.

"The Chinese hack into our computers and take over the South China Sea," he told voters from the stump.

It's Republican Presidential Politics - "Tailgate Edition."

"Iowa people want to see them face to face," said Sheryl Soden of the Iowa GOP. "They want to ask them questions, they want to shake their hand. We've always been that way, our candidates know that. And they hit all the small-town people, and it helps. Rick Santorum came out on top doing that."

Scott Walker made an appearance, though he was late due to traffic and kept his remarks short.

"Glad to be back, this weekend will be our 30th county we've gone to in the state," he said.

But it was Donald Trump who attracted the largest crowd with the most anticipation. Crowds cheered "Trump, Trump, Trump!" as he walked out of his car to greet them.

Though many tailgaters admitted they were at this lot to see Trump, they also admitted he likely won't get their vote.

"I think in the end, they probably won't vote for him, because he's a little harsh with people," said Kristie Nihsen. "But I like what he stands for, and I think he'd be good for our country to get the economic part turned around. But, he's pretty harsh know, if he doesn't like you, he sure makes it known."

But just like a good old-fashioned Cyclones-Hawkeyes match-up, for these candidates, it's anyone's game up to the Fourth Quarter.

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