Identity of ‘Hot Guy’ at GOP Debate is Revealed

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. — A few people on social media were distracted from the actual debate, wondering who the young man was sitting behind Jake Tapper.

Even Buzzfeed got into the act, posting a story about him.

Well, CNN got in touch with him and his name is Greg Caruso of Los Angeles, an aspiring filmmaker who is not on Facebook or Twitter (and sorry, he declined to disclose his relationship status).

He first found out about the attention he was getting via texts from his friends and finds the whole thing to be funny.

“It’s pretty hilarious,” he said. “Social media can focus on some guy at the debate instead of the debate.”

As for the debate itself, the 24 year old is a fan of Ronald Reagan and the younger President Bush, but is not ready to decide which candidate he likes best (not necessarily Jeb Bush, either).

“I think out of everyone, (Bush) improved the most from the first debate,” he said.

“Carly Fiorina did a great job and was in her element. That was the highlight of the debate to watch her. She held her own.”