Maxwell Boy Reunites with Late Father’s ATV After Thieves Return It

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MAXWELL, Iowa -- It's a sight Sarah Myers wasn't sure she would ever see again; her seven year-old son Paden back on his dad's four wheeler. "I think it was when I was either five or six (years old)...then one day I`m like 'dad, can I ride the four wheeler?' and then he`s like 'sure, just stay in second,'" said Paden Myers when recalling his earliest memories of riding the four wheeler.

Out there on the ATV again, riding freely in second gear, Paden is connecting with his late father. "My husband had just taught our son how to ride it this summer," said Sarah Myers. The ATV is something tangible; something that remains of Jacob Myers, who died tragically in a car accident just over a month ago. "His hands were on the`s weird, it`s not a part of him, but we just know that he was so close to it and it just helps fill a little bit of the void," said Sarah Myers when describing why the ATV means so much to her and her family.

On Thursday morning, Story County authorities notified Sarah that the stolen ATV had been found behind the Farrar United Methodist Church; between the church and a row of trees. The four wheeler was discovered by a road worker who was passing by. Sarah believes the four wheeler turned up because of everyone who helped spread the word, particularly on social media. "There were a tremendous amount of people looking for it and posting and re-posting," said Sarah.

Bruce Carney knew Jacob well and is a close family friend. After getting the call from Sarah on Thursday, letting him know that the four wheeler had been recovered, Carney hauled the ATV to his farm. Carney says there is one silver lining to the whole situation. "It come back power washed and all cleaned up and new tires on the back that weren`t on it, so it`s in better shape than when it left," said Carney. "I would say they were fixing that up to sell it, and probably with all the news media and everything they figured out that it`s gonna be a pretty hard vehicle to sell, at least around here very close," said Carney.

Sarah said there wasn't any note left behind apologizing or explaining why the four wheeler was returned, so she doesn't know who stole the ATV, but she is glad to have it back. Myers says her family had been storing the 2004 yellow Honda Foreman ES four wheeler in a barn about a mile south of their home in Maxwell. About a week ago, it was discovered stolen, but now it's back where it belongs with its rightful owners.