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Former Iowa Supporter of Walker Now Backs Bush

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WAUKEE, Iowa — “It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine him to be president,” Chad Airhart said Monday afternoon and that’s why, for him, his second choice for president is now his first choice.

“I’ve always liked successful governors who aren’t afraid of the fight. That’s why I liked (Scott) Walker,” Airhart said.

But the Wisconsin governor dropped out of the Republican race for president last week. So Airhart is going public with his decision to now back Florida Governor Jeb Bush for the job.

“I think we need a president who knows how to run things. Clearly Jeb Bush can do the job,” Airhart, the Dallas County recorder, said of the former two-term governor.

Airhart has a thing for governors in presidential campaigns.

2016: First backed Walker and now Bush

2012: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

2008: Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

2004: Former Texas Governor George W. Bush

Airhart is aware Jeb! may not be getting the headlines outspoken front-runner Donald Trump is. But he argues Bush put together the organization and resources for the long run, not a short-term shouting contest. Airhart said he wants someone with a track record of working to get things done. “I’m not looking to hire someone with sexy pizzazz,” he said.

And he says if you were also a Walker backer who is now looking for a new candidate, expect a call from him. “Why don’t you come with me?” he says.

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