NSA Whistleblower Snowden Lectures Univ. of Iowa Students

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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

IOWA CITY, Iowa — One of America’s most-wanted lectured University of Iowa students Monday night.

Edward Snowden spoke via video chat from an undisclosed location in Russia to students gathered in Iowa City.

The event was put on by the university’s Lecture Committee and Veterans for Peace.

Snowden has been called both a patriot and a traitor after leaking classified information from the NSA, but at least some students who attended the lecture are choosing to call him a hero.

“I definitely fall more in the category of him being a hero, I think it took a lot of courage for him to do what he did,” said Jason Everett.

The university funded this event with money from private donors. Lectures are usually funded through student activity fees, but Monday night’s was not.

The money will go to support a nonprofit of Snowden’s choosing.

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