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2nd Annual Comedy Festival Brings Laughs to Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Could the capital city be a new hot bed for comedy? Organizers with the "Beast Village Comedy Festival" say they are working on it.

The festival launched last year and has grown in popularity since. The event’s executive director, Dan Umthun, said 50 amateur and professional comedians from across the country are in town for the four-day event; 15 of them are Iowans.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s a very immediate art form where you get immediate feedback, whether what you are doing is good or what you are doing is bad,” he laughed.

The comedians preformed at a variety of clubs around downtown and drew crowds are large as 200 people. Umthun predicts that number will grow in the coming years as Iowans become more aware of the "underground" comedy scene.

“We want to raise the exposure of comedy in Des Moines to the people of the Des Moines," he said.  "But on the opposite side of that, the people that we are bringing in from out of town, we want them to know this is a good city to come too,” Umthun went on to say.

The event ends on Sunday.