Ames Neighbors Work to Create Roosevelt Park

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Chldren cut the ribbon of the new Roosevelt Park in Ames (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Children  cut the ribbon of the new Roosevelt Park in Ames (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

AMES, Iowa- A group of neighbors in the Ames Roosevelt neighborhood have worked to create a new city park, after their neighborhood school closed.  Roosevelt Elementary closed and sat empty, until it was sold to a developer to convert to condos.

That project opened earlier in 2015, all the condos are sold.  Part of the agreement was the City would obtain the east part of the property to make into a park.

Sunday, Roosvelt Park was formally dedicated with kids cutting the ribbon in front of a newly-completed playground structure.  Also finished last week, is a new park shelter, which doubles as a stage for Sunday evening concerts, held in the summer time. Students at ISU did the construction on the new shelter.

The Roosevelt neighbors group raised $50,000 in cash and grants. The City contributed $80,000.  In all, the City worked with the developer, and the school district, and the neighborhood. to make this area into a city park.

“People kept asking me when I feel like the project was done,” said Anneke Mundel, one of the Roosevelt Neighbor Organizers.  She added the answer would be,”once the playground opens, and we see children playing, grandparents watching, and  dogs at doggie bowl”

“Today we feel like there’s a burden off, and the community has their space back,” said Mundel.