THE INSIDERS: October 4th Edition, Part 1 – David Yepsen

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This is a special edition of The Insiders as we get a look inside the The First In The Nation exhibit here at the State Historical Museum in downtown Des Moines.  The exhibit celebrates, explains and helps everyone remember the most significant happenings of Iowa's First in the Nation Caucus experiences.

David Yepsen lived those experiences for decades as the political columnist for the Des Moines Register.  These days, he is the Director of the Paul Simon Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

He joins Channel 13's Dave Price as they reminisce over past Caucuses as well as discuss some of the prominent political topics of today, such as:  are the Clinton emails a legitimate story in this election cycle?  The source behind the popularity of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in their respective parties and if something similar happened during past elections; and which group will win out as they struggle to gain dominance within the Republican Party.


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