Elderly Iowa Veteran Fulfills Dream by Skydiving

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HOLSTEIN, Iowa -- A northwest Iowa veteran is making a longtime dream come true.

Don Schmidt of Holstein turns 80 this month and with the major milestone came a major wish. For this birthday Don wanted to skydive.

Schmidt says it's something he's wanted to do since he was in the service. He had hoped to be a paratrooper but they told him he wasn't tall enough.

His wife Darlene says her husband has always been very active, and while she didn't join in on the dive five members of the couple's family did.

“Most people would think it's kind of shocking, you know to jump out of a perfectly good airplane," said Doug Schmidt, Don's son. "But I think, if you're going to live life, you might as well live it to the fullest."

"Just because you get old you don't have to sit around and you know dry up," said Don. "Just go out and have a good time."

Don says that if he makes it to 85, he will go skydiving for a second time.