Facebook Post Leads to Kindness for Accident Victim

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CUMMING, Iowa -- One year ago Tuesday, Nikki Faux and her fiance Derrick Nestvedt visited Howells Pumpkin Patch near Cumming. Days after, Nikki was in a bad car accident, and was left for hours in the back seat of a car without treatment. She is now confined to a wheel chair.

She recently re-posted a photo from the visit to Howells Pumpkin Patch a year ago to Facebook. She was lamenting that she would no longer be able to do this on her post.

Someone at Howells saw the post. They arranged transportation for Faux, her fiancé ,and daughter to the farm.

“Our basic schedule is doctor appointments and therapy, so she doesn’t get out to enjoy stuff like this too much,” said Nestvedt.

The couple spent time wandering in the pumpkin patch, as their daughter ran excitedly trying to pick up huge pumpkins.

"Howells invited us out here for the the afternoon, they got us a way here, and a way back,” said Faux.

“They got us a gift certificate for some pumpkins, she (their daughter) gets to enjoy the ponies and all the kiddie activities.”

“People have been so good,” added Nestvedt.