Harvest Gets Started

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Beautiful weather had a lot of farmers in the field at the beginning of October.


In Hardin County, Iowa, farmer Denny Friest says his season started off looking really good, "Then in July we started getting a couple real heavy rains and that took away some of both quantity and quality of our yield a little bit we got some ponding after the crops were pretty tall. But we still, overall, got a real good crop out here."


Friest says the damp weather this year really hurt some crops, "Talking to one of my local seed dealers, they were thinking there's probably up 20 a bushel an acre or more difference in corns that got sprayed with fungicides."


But the wind really played a big role this year, it flattened his corn and beans. Friest says his beans bounced back though and it looks like a good crop.


However, he adds despite a good crop they're running into a different problem, "The price is also kind of low so we're getting into an economic situation here where all the farmers are struggling to get a return on their investment. But it's always good as a farmer to have a good crop as far as yields and that's what I'm seeing here on my field."


According to USDA reports, U.S. farmers could have the second highest production on record. However, commodity prices are down by about half from several years ago.