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11-year-old Prevents Likely Crash While Mother Suffers Seizure in Western Iowa

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11-year-old Katie Bozen prevented an almost certain crash from occurring in Western Iowa over the weekend.

Bozen jumped into the driver’s seat when her mother suffered a seizure along Interstate 29.

“When I saw her shaking, I unbuckled my seat belt and I had to crawl over and sit on her lap. And I had to move the steering wheel,” Bozen said.

She managed to steer the Chevy suburban onto the shoulder, before waving down help.

“When's she was telling me this story. I was scratching my head, thinking, ‘Wow. What a brave little girl here,’" said Sgt. Mike Wesack of the Iowa State Patrol.

The brave little girl is again helping her mother recover.  She is out of the hospital and doctors are trying to pinpoint what caused the seizure.