National Outreach Program to Protect Seniors Arrives in Metro

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DES MOINES, Iowa – A national outreach program to protect seniors and the elderly from becoming victims of crime arrived in the metro Monday.

The group known as Triad is organized through the National Sheriff's Association.

The group has a simple mission: Bring together law enforcement and first responders and put them at the disposal of those most in need of their services.

On Monday, representatives from the Polk County Sheriff's Department, Des Moines Police, Des Moines Fire Department, Polk County Attorney's Office and more were on hand at the North Senior Center held at Park Fair Mall.

Those representatives met one-on-one with senior citizens to ask what concerns they had, and shared valuable tips on not becoming victims.

Monday’s meeting was the first of what will be a regular happening at senior centers throughout the metro.

“We're going to meet with elders at these senior centers to educate them,” Sgt. Brandon Bracelin of the Polk County Sheriff's Office said. “We’re going to bounce around to different senior centers. It’s an outreach program basically to educate the elders, take any questions that may have, and give them some topics that we’ve seen as law enforcements agencies that have been victimizing elders.”

Triad will also help prevent more than just crime. For example, seniors in need of working smoke detectors will be able to get help from fire fighters.

Meetings at other metro senior centers are being scheduled right now. All of these meetings happen during working hours for police officers and firefighters, and are organized by senior volunteers.

The project is done without spending any additional taxpayer dollars.