Price Reporting Problems With Beef

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Some cattlemen are disappointed with the Mandatory Price Reporting reauthorization outcome.

Transparency is a big issue, as it stands, if a producer makes a deal with a packer and gets a better deal for a better set of cattle, it gets reported without detail. As a result, more producers and packers try to get that same deal.

Ed Greiman from Iowa worked on the National Cattlemen's Beef Association committee that tried to make changes to that reporting process. He says no deal was made because they just couldn't find common ground between packers and producers.

He says, "We worked really hard at it, but the packers, we could not agree with the packers on any of it. And essentially the Senate and the house Agriculture committees told us that we have to agree. They don't want to get into the middle of a fight and that we have to bring them a package that both the producers and the packers agree on."

Greiman says the only way to get changes now is through the rulemaking process.