Investigators Not Ruling Out Arson In Zearing Fire

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ZEARING, Iowa -- Three years ago, Amy Haskin`s dream of becoming a homeowner came true. Friday, that dream went up in smoke. "I can`t believe it. It happens to everybody else but I can`t believe it happened to me. I`m blown away." Haskin said, "I can see right through my house."

Investigators believe the fire started in the garage and quickly spread.  "It`s almost like a modular home." Zearing Fire Chief Michael Price explains, "Almost like a double wide trailer kinda thing so it was kinda open through there and once it got into the house it traveled across pretty quick."

The home is a total loss, and Haskin says her insurance lapsed in June so everything she had; clothing; family pictures; furniture, is all gone. Fortunately, no one was hurt.   "I thank god that my oldest one wasn`t downstairs sleeping after gaming all night." Haskin said,  "That`s what he does at night. I`m glad he wasn`t there because he wouldn`t have woke up. Wouldn`t have heard nothing."

Four cats and a dog were inside. One cat was found.  Haskin hopes the other animals ran off and are OK. That would give her some comfort after this nightmare.   "I don`t know. It`s like a bad dream. And I just want to wake up." Haskin said, "And I can`t."

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