No Elections in Delphos as Community Weighs Ending as a Town

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DELPHOS, Iowa -- The Town Council of Delphos will meet Monday evening to discuss ending as an Iowa town. The main reason is that in the coming election, no one signed up to run as a candidate for the city council.

One man, Bernie Rothman, filed papers to run for Mayor of Delphos. Rothman said the City had already voted to not hold elections, due to plans to unincorporate the town.

"The elections been called off, the vote’s been taken this past month," said Rothman. "So there won’t be any elections, not enough people signed up to run."

A meeting was be held on Oct. 26 at the Ringgold County Courthouse to discuss unincorporating.

The community is also in need of street repairs,  as one estimate puts that at $500,000 to fix. However, the town does not have the funds.

"We filled a lot of the potholes, a lot of the time and material was donated," said Brian Johnson, a resident of Delphos.  "Getting everybody together and getting everything rounded up is the main issue,”

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