Homeowners Furious After New Flood Plain in Clive Adds 200 Homes

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CLIVE, Iowa -- Bill Raine, a long time Clive resident says he’s always felt safe from flooding.  “We had the 100 year flood and our neighborhood didn’t flood.”

While his neighborhood stayed dry in 1993, new flood maps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency say nearly 200 additional Clive homes including Raine’s are in danger.

It’s all left many Clive residents in a state of confusion.  Raine said,  “What’s changed? Where is this coming from?”

City leaders say one reason behind the new map developed by FEMA, new technology.  “The old maps from 1992 make it tough for folks to gauge and understand what the impacts are," said Doug Ollendike, Community Development Director of Clive.

While it seems to be a simple precautionary measure, “This issue of flooding doesn’t resonate with people until it floods,” said Ollendike, residents like Raine say it will immediate effect them in a negative way flood or no flood.  "When you go to sell your home the value can take a dive with that need. It’s also going to cost quite a bit to purchase flood insurance," said Raine.

While it seems FEMA has been developing these new maps for years,  “Gosh it’s probably going on almost a decade now of modernizing maps and they are doing this across the country,” said Ollendike.  Residents say they don’t agree at all with the timing of a 500 year flood plan.   “We could go back 3,000 years if we wanted and we are in the middle of a lake now,” said Raine.

Community members now hope wednesday evening's meeting will provide the answers that most are seeking.  Raine said, “We are angry, you mess with someone’s home, their life in such a way.  "That’s how we see it, we are very interested in seeing how FEMA sees it.”

An open meeting with the Iowa DNR and FEMA was scheduled for Wednesday November 4th to discuss the new flood plain and reasoning behind it.  Clive residents inform Channel 13 News that FEMA did not show up to the event.

If you want if your home is in the new flood plain map, click here.

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