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Suspected Tornado Destroys Storage Shed North of Minburn

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MINBURN, Iowa -- "It was just really windy and raining really hard," said Farmer Chad Spellman. The suspected tornado destroyed a storage shed on a property where Spellman lives, north of Minburn. The winds blew the roof clean off, and left debris strewn everywhere.  Spellman says it happened fast. "I was watching the news and it looked like a storm was coming up, and it was gonna be here in about 5-10 minutes, so I went in the basement and it probably lasted maybe 10 minutes," said Spellman.

Spellman says it will probably cost between $25-30,000 to replace the shed, and this isn't the first time something like this has happened on this property. "We had some damage a few years ago, and it blew some sheds over and it just seems like it happens all the time anymore," said Spellman. Last time the damage was $80,000. "It gets old cleaning all this up," said Spellman.

Chad's wife Erin and children Jay and Jack, weren't home at the time that the strong winds came through today.  "We were just leaving downtown from work and school and had been talking to chad and he just said if you can't make it, stop at Waukee, at dad's house and so that's what we did and rode it out in Waukee," said Erin Spellman. "It`s a scary thought to think we could have been in the basement and this could have happened or it could have been the house, so it`s nice to know that we were safe where we were and that Chad was safe when all is said and done," said Erin Spellman. And despite the damage the winds caused, Erin Spellman says she's thankful. "Jay and I actually said a prayer when we were in Waukee, just to make sure that everybody would be safe, so, it`s nice to see the sun shining after something like this happens and know that everybody that we love is safe and we don`t have to be doing something different than cleaning up an old barn," said Erin Spellman.

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