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Another Path to Parenthood

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- More than half of Americans have a personal connection to adoption. They or someone they know are adopted.

This month celebrates the families who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need and calls attention to the ones who are still waiting.

Michelle Morgan always wanted a big family. Early in her marriage, she and husband, Zach, experienced heartache. First, a miscarriage. Then, failed infertility treatments.

“It got to the point that it was too much emotionally,” explained Michelle.

They decided to take a break from treatments and went searching for another way to grow their family. The couple began the adoption process and nine months later, daughter Avery was born.

“You get a lot of emotions running through your mind at once,” remembered Zach.

Almost two years later, they would welcome another bundle of joy, Alex.

“It’s pretty exciting to hold that baby for the first time,” recalled Liz Anderson.

She and husband, Aaron, waited a long time to become parents.

“We’d been married six to seven years and people keep asking, ‘aren’t you going to have kids?’ well, we’re trying,” said Aaron Anderson.

Adoption was part of their path to parenthood. The couple has four kids ages seven, five and seven-month old twins.

“We have a very diverse family. Our oldest daughter is African American, our middle daughter is Caucasian and the twins are multi race,” explained Aaron.

All four of their children have some kind of relationship with their birth mothers.

“This will be something that you figure out over time and it isn’t an easy thing, but parenting isn’t easy anyway,” said Leah Garland, Director of Bethany Christian Services.

Like many agencies, they encourage open adoptions where expectant parents and adoptive parents stay in touch.

“The more love a child can have in their lives, the better,” said Garland.

The Morgans have more love to give. They are waiting to add a third child to their family.

“We have more room in our hearts and our homes,” said Morgan.

This Saturday is National Adoption Day. The Hope Adoption Conference at Walnut Creek Church in Windsor Heights will celebrate and help educate people about adoption.

The event runs all day on the 21st and more information can be found here.

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