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Hawkeyes Eyeing Record 11-0 Start, Temps Eyeing Record Kickoff Low

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IOWA CITY, Iowa -- With a win against Purdue, the Iowa Hawkeyes would be an all-time high 11-0.

"We gotta cheer on those boys they're undefeated," said Hawkeye fan Kendra Daly from West Des Moines.

There's another record that could be broken. "Awesome group of seniors, they really turned things around this year, hopefully people will get over to support them," said Polk County I-Club President Joe Chmelka of Urbandale.

Not counting the wind chill, Iowa's 2013 kickoff against Michigan was the coldest ever at 18 degrees. Chmelka remembers it well. "I remember watching the first half in the stands and it was absolutely freezing."

The second coldest, twenty three degrees during a 1926 game against Northwestern. This Saturday is expected to be in the 20's.

Chmelka, not worried, said, "It's been cold it's been snowy, sometimes those are the most fun games to go to." Daly agreed, saying, "Once you get in Kinnick your blood starts pumping and you are rolling."

Add a projected eight inches of snow hitting the area before 6 a.m. and many fans are shying away from the final home game of the season. Daly isn't one of them though. "Dwindling a little bit but let's not talk about the fair weather fans."

Chmelka believes his tailgating crew will be cut in half. "We normally have 75-100 at our tailgate, we'll see. I expect we will have fifty."

For many diehard fans, Daly says the show must go on. "This is what real Hawkeye fans do. You bundle up and you go!"

Chmelke also says rain, sleet, hail or snow, he plans to roll in style. "We are going, we've got a hawkeyenation.com RV. We've got 12-17 people going and heading over there."

Those making the trip say they are taking the added precautions on roads and at the game. "We might wait an hour or so and see what the weather is doing," said Chmelka.

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