Husband, Father Accused of Killing Family

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DES MOINES, Iowa-- Des Moines Police are investigating a double murder followed by an attempted suicide. Officers were called to a family home in the 4200 block of Hull Avenue at about 7 p.m. Sunday. When they arrived, they found a mother and teenage girl dead.

Barney Fraaken, 47, is accused of shooting his wife, Amy, and their 16-year-old daughter, Amber, a sophomore at Central Campus. Police say he then tried to kill himself, but was unsuccessful.

“We believe that the motive is related to a domestic dispute,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Fraaken is in police custody as he recovers from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police expect as soon as he is released from the hospital, he will be charged with two counts of First Degree Murder.

“There's nothing anybody is going to be able to tell us that make sense of it or justify it. Many of us are parents and there's not anything that's going to make us understand why this happened,” said Parizek.

Fraaken wrote two posts on Facebook about 24 hours before the murder.

One reads, “I feel all is lost and I don`t belong”. Another included a prayer, “Dear God. I just don`t know what to do. Please show me what to do. Amen.”

Neighbors expressed disbelief about what happened.

“That's tough,” said Larry Baumgardner, a father of three who lives down the street from the crime scene.

“Now you have to live with yourself the rest of your life that you did something like that,” he added.

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