Board of Regents Hoping for Legislative Help in Funding

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AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa Board of Regents has voted to increase tuition for students at the University of Iowa by three percent for the 2016-17 school year.

Earlier this year, the Regents voted an increase January 2016 for UNI and Iowa State, but not Iowa, as students there felt the increase for the this spring semester was too short of notice.

The current combined Regent Schools budget is 61.2 percent. That number is slightly higher than in the past, and some on the Board feel it is too high, students are paying too much.

Throughout these long conversations, I have come to believe that the current way we as a board go about setting tuition is neither predictable to students and their families,” said Rachael Johnson, who serves on the Board of Regents as a student member. She attends UNI. "This lack of predictability, reliability and sustainability is a concern for me as a student, and as a Regent.”

The Regents on Tuesday submitted their budget requests to the Governor.

“If we don’t receive the legislative request, and if the legislature gets over in normal fashion like what it didn’t do last year, but if it does, in the April May time frame, our June meeting would be a reflection of that success, or the need to raise tuition,” said Bruce Rastetter, President of the Board of Regents.

"It is time that we stop the decline, in the amount of support we get from our legislature and from our state of Iowa,” said Regent Larry McKibben. "It has been a downturn for the last decade and it’s time it stops."