Food Bank Hopes to Kick Off Holiday Season with ‘Stock the Pantry’ Event

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Stock the Pantry is a month-long effort to recruit volunteers who will stock food pantries across the state for the holidays.

On Thursday, they will gather to recognize the many volunteers and donors who make a difference in the fight against hunger. They will be celebrating a milestone of commitment to those in need.

“If it wasn't for efforts like the America Needs Farmers initiative from the Iowa Farm Bureau and the University of Iowa Athletics, this would be an even harder task,” said Lindsey Haley, Operations manager with Iowa Food Bank Association. “Their generosity is changing lives.  We thank them for their $18,500 donation this year, which means the program has reached an important charitable milestone; they’ve now given $100,000 to the Iowa Food Bank Association.”

The money donated by the America Needs Farmers campaign is spread across the state of Iowa to stock the food pantries this holiday season.

Among the activities planned for the event are testimonials. Clients, who have used the pantry system, will be speaking at the event.

Following the presentation, they offer a tour the food bank and witness a large group of volunteers in action, sorting food from the previous donations.

The Food Bank Association estimates that there are 389,250 food insecure Iowans which is 12.6% of the state’s population. Of those, 139,850 of them are children. That would account 19.3% of all children in the state or one in five kids.

Over the past five years, the America Needs Farmers initiative program has been dedicated to supporting Iowa food banks and their donations have helped provide over 400,000 meals.  That's nearly 166,000 families helped. These are families from all across the state.

Fast Facts

When: Thursday, December 3; 1:30 p.m.

Where: 2220 E. 17th St., Des Moines, IA (Food Bank of Iowa, IFBA member food bank)