Cold Therapy Popular with Athletes and Celebrities Comes to Iowa

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CLIVE, Iowa — Whole Body Cryotherapy has been popular with professional athletes and celebrities. Now, it's available in Iowa.

It's a December day and Mike Wedeking is stepping into the coolest place in town. He said, "I feel like I'm on top of the world. I have energy I don't know what to do with. I feel half my age, and the euphoria, I swear, the euphoria should be illegal."

This is his sixth visit to KryoVitality. Dr. Vince Hassel added whole body cryotherapy to his chiropractic practice in Clive this month. He said, "There's one in Minneapolis, there's one in Kansas City, there's one in Denver. This is the very first whole body cryotherapy in the state of Iowa."

With special socks and gloves, you step into the cryosauna. Liquid nitrogen gas fills the chamber, dropping the degrees. Dr. Hassel said, "It takes the temperature down to 250 degrees below zero, which seems unreal and crazy, but there is no moisture in the cryosauna."

"This machine is just tricking the body into thinking it's in a state it needs to be in for survival,” He explained. "It makes the body hit the accelerator. It makes the healing potential hit the accelerator."

For up to three minutes, you stay in the cold chamber. A doctor in Japan developed whole body cryotherapy nearly four decades ago. "He developed it for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, very successful," Dr. Hassel said.

After becoming popular in Europe, the cold chambers came to the coasts of the US about five years ago, gaining attention from professional athletes for recovery, celebrities for beauty, and anyone for health. "Everybody that's looking for something, for more energy, to mitigate depression, clear up their eczema, better performance, better recovery, weight loss. It's just what the body does," said Dr. Hassel.

Wedeking said it's already helped him. "On the second visit, I had just fallen on the ice, dislocated my shoulder. Could barely pick up my hand high enough to get it into my pocket, went through two treatments in the chamber, and I have free range of motion, no pain or discomfort."

Whole Body Cryotherapy isn't covered by insurance or regulated by any agency, but your flex spending or health savings account may cover the costs.

The first visit at KryoVitality costs $35. Then, single visits are $65. Packages are also available. You’ll find KryoVitality on Facebook. It’s located at 1349 NW 121st Street in Clive.

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