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Hillary Clinton Supporters Surround Des Moines Saturday

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hillary Clinton supporters were out in full force in Central Iowa on Saturday.

The group kicked off door-to-door canvassing this afternoon in Des Moines. The volunteers and campaign staff are also hearing from Hollywood actor Tony Goldwyn downtown on Saturday night.

He's campaigning on behalf of Clinton in Iowa this weekend hoping to energize volunteers ahead of the holidays.

Volunteers say while Clinton may appear to have the nomination in the bag, they've learned not to take anything for granted.

"I think after the 2008 campaign, my attitude has been, and I've conveyed this to my organizer, and I hear it all the time from the rest of the volunteers, is we can't assume anything," Laura Thompson said. "We've got to keep our heads down, and we've got to keep working and we've got to keep going door to door and phoning, and whatever it takes -- but you do not assume that we have it wrapped up."

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