Davenport Man May Have Caught Package Thief on Camera

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — A Davenport man has come up with a way to fight back against “porch pirates,” thieves who steal packages from homeowners’ doorsteps.

WQAD News 8 reports that Mark Riedesel set up a camera at his front door after something he ordered online mysteriously disappeared, twice.

“I never found the first package, so I had them send me a new package. And, that disappeared within the five hour space it was delivered,” he told the station.

After setting up a small camera, he placed bait outside his front door: an empty box.

Riedesel said his camera recorded a woman walk up to his porch and rifle through the box. After finding nothing, she left.

“I figured, if she’s taking packages from my porch, then more than likely, more packages are being stolen,” he told WQAD.

Riedesel filed a report with the Davenport Police Department. He said he doesn’t recognize the woman in the video, but some of his neighbors think they know who it is.