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Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell Discusses Alternate Uniforms

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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State head football coach Matt Campbell has only been on the job for just over two weeks, but he's hit the ground running in his new position.

In a one-on-one sit down with Channel 13 Sports Director Keith Murphy, Campbell offered his thoughts on the prospect of alternate uniforms.

"That's a hot topic right now, I know that," Campbell said laughing. "That's been part of the trend in college football, the opportunity to re-identify yourself even though you stick to a foundation and traditional brand. But also have the ability to add some excitement with uniforms and how young guys come out and sell their university week in, week out. I think that's a big part of college football right now and I'm excited to dive into that."

While he expressed his desire to look further into the alternate uniforms, Campbell reiterated what is really important to him going into next season and beyond.

"Obviously (alternate uniforms) aren't the number one priority. The number one priority is putting good players in those uniforms."