Keith Murphy Goes One-on-One with ISU Head Coach Matt Campbell

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AMES, Iowa -- Fresh off being hired as Iowa State's head football coach on Nov. 30, Matt Campbell sat down with Channel 13 Sports Director Keith Murphy for a one-on-one interview.

The former Toldeo head coach discussed a number of topics with Murphy on Tuesday, including what -- if anything -- has surprised him during his short time on the job. Campbell said the great fan base and the character of his new players has been a joy to see thus far.

"I don't know if there has been any huge surprises," Campbell said. "I think what I've been appreciative of is obviously the support, the energy of the people of Ames, and really the kindness. It's been phenomenal. The other piece of that to me has been the opportunity to meet our players and the quality of young men that are in our football program right now, I'm really excited about that."

In terms of selling recruits to come to play at Iowa State in future seasons, Campbell says there are a variety of different aspects of the university that go into it. He noted the rabid fans you see at Iowa State basketball games, educational opportunities, and the athletic facilities on campus. Campbell added that the last thing of any recruiting process is simple: selling yourself and your program.

"I think when you sell it, it's pretty simple," Campbell said. "Number one is the phenomenal fan base. You can turn on ESPN right now and watch our basketball team that's playing at such a high rate and the tremendous support from fans that they are getting. I think it's the matter of the education you can receive here at Iowa State, which I think sometimes gets short changed in this whole thing for a student athlete. I also think the facility piece, you bring a young man and his family on this campus and talk about bettering yourself academically and athletically."

With in-state rival Iowa winning 12 games this season and heading to the Rose Bowl, Campbell hopes to turn his program into a consistent one like the Hawkeyes have been under Kirk Ferentz.

"Well obviously, number one it can be done," Campbell said. "Number two is you certainly have respect for what they were able to accomplish this year. I don't know coach Ferentz but obviously I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he's accomplished in his career at Iowa. I think you see the passion within the state for athletics at both Iowa State and Iowa.

"You use (Iowa) as something you hope to build your program (into) and look to build your program into, a perennial power just like they've been able to do with some consistency over the past 10-12 years."

Watch the full one-on-one interview in the video above.