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Man Rescued from Des Moines River After Running from Police

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FORT DODGE, Iowa -- A man had to be rescued from the Des Moines River in Fort Dodge early Tuesday morning after police say he went into the water to get away from them.

Police were called to the Kenyon Road Bridge just after midnight on a report of a man walking in traffic. When they arrived they found 38-year-old Harry Carvalho III and began talking with him. He suddenly took off, running under the bridge. Police found him hiding in the river, below the bridge.

Officers tried approaching Carvalho but he swam to the middle of the river. As he floated down the river officers continued talking to him, trying to get him to swim to shore. They tried reaching him with branches and Carvalho eventually grabbed on to a tree near the Little Dam. He was rescued once the Fort Dodge Fire Department arrived on scene.

After being checked out by emergency medical technicians, Carvalho was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for escape. He is being held in the Webster County Jail.

Officials say he was not seriously injured in the incident.