Clarinda Brothers Reunited for Rose Bowl Floats

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PASADENA -- In a giant warehouse in California, hundreds are people are assembling a dozen floats made up of thousands of roses, all for the Rose Bowl parade.

But it's more than just roses for two brothers from Clarinda.

Chris Schenck has lived in California for 22 years.

"Of course, Iowa hasn't been to a Rose Bowl in that time. But I've always said, 'If they ever make it, you gotta come out. We gotta go to the Rose Bowl. We gotta go to the Rose Parade. We gotta do the whole shebang," he said.

Now, Chris and his brother Alan, who still lives in Clarinda, are doing the whole shebang.

"An unbelievable, unforgettable memory. No doubt about it," Alan Schenck said.

Alan's last trip to the rose bowl was in 1959 when tickets were just $5.50.


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