Rubio: President Has More Agents Regulating Guns Than Fighting ISIS

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MASON CITY, Iowa -- Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was in Iowa on Tuesday when he accused President Barack Obama of putting more agents into gun control than into fighting ISIS. Rubio's comments came after Obama issued an executive order to increase background checks on gun sales.

"Outrage of outrage. They’ve assigned over 400 agents now to enforce this executive order," said Rubio. "That's more people than they’ve put in that special force that’s designed to go after ISIS."

Rubio spoke on the campaign trail Tuesday at the Historic Park Inn in downtown Mason City.

"They are dedicating more people to undermine the Second Amendment than they are to undermine the most powerful and dangerous terrorist group in the history of the world," Rubio said.

In an interview with Channel 13, Rubio called the president's order unconstitutional and vowed to repeal the order when he is elected president.

"We’re not going to continue to burden law-abiding citizens right to protect their families," said Rubio. "These laws will do nothing to protect us from gun violence, but they will inconvenience everyday law-abiding Americans who simply want to exercise their second amendment rights."

The Florida senator said the president does not see America as a great global power, but rather one that needs to be humbled.  Rubio also accused Obama of cutting deals with enemies and gutting the military. Rubio said he would fix both of those issues as president.

Rubio also campaigned in Cedar Rapids and Fort Dodge on Tuesday.

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