Iowans Try Their Luck in Powerball Jackpot Drawing

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Wednesday night's Powerball Jackpot drawing is drawing in a lot of first-timers as the game's giant prize grows to its fourth-largest winning in history.

"Oh gosh, we would have to have a winter home somewhere warm and tropical," said Sherry McCoy of Des Moines, who is trying her luck for the first time Wednesday. "Okay, my grand-kids would have a college fund, so neither one of them would have to worry about that. Of course keep my home here, but we would summer here and winter somewhere else. And pay off all my kids' houses and debts and college loans...and just be the same old me, though."

The giant prize has been growing for two months, since the jackpot was last hit in November by a man in Tennessee. It's been nearly a year since the jackpot was hit at a level this high; a drawing in February 2015 yielded a $564.1 million winning, split by three tickets in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Texas.

There's still time to grab your Powerball ticket - sales go up until 8:59 p.m. Wednesday night, with the drawing taking place one hour later.