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New App Aims to Help Iowans Eat Healthier

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It’s a new year and a lot of us have vowed to eat healthier. We wish that it was that easy. A new app based in Iowa hopes to make the process easier.

The Bettrlife app launched in the middle of 2015 and it aims to help people organize what they eat.

“Planning ahead can lead to eating healthier foods,” Jill Dolan, nutritionist with BettrLife. “Little changes can cause great results.”

The app helps you modify and improve your shopping list. It will recognize shopping patterns and provides healthier alternatives.

“People need to realize eating processed foods is not good,” said Dolan. “Also misnomer for eating is that healthier costs more but not if you plan and make meals.”

The app personalizes the shopping list to the consumer, it features over 300,000 items and menus from over 600 different restaurants.

“It all boils down to making a few lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise to really see results,” says Dolan.

The founder and CEO of Bettrlife is Don Schoen and says that being organized will make a whole lot of difference.

“For the vast majority of successful people, who start a new diet, planning is key,” said Schoen.

We picked Schoen’s brain and he gave us the following tips to live healthier in 2016.

What are the main roadblocks to achieving a healthier lifestyle?

  1. Trying to do it alone
  2. Always being on the run and not having enough time for better eating
  3. Not knowing what to eat, how much and when


  1. Try to partner with a dietitian or nutritionist and support groups
  2. Have a plan what you are going to eat and when and if you can’t do this know what types of foods would be good
  3.  Log what you eat

What are common problem items in people's diets and what items would you replace them with?

  1. Soda Pop, Fruit Juices
  2. Margine: Transfat
  3. Breads, donuts, muffins

What can we substitute those with?

  1. Water with a lemon or lime in it
  2. More protein: easy to follow, makes you feel more full, can lose weight quicker and protein to can help muscle mass development when exercising. Meat: beef chicken, pork and some grains will add protein and some carbs will help adjust and maintain proper sugar levels which enhances weight loss.
  1. Working with applications and staff to help guide you with nutrition and exercise plans, vegetables to snack mixed nuts (in moderation)