Citizen Academy Lets Waukee Residents Learn About Police

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WAUKEE, Iowa -- Waukee residents are getting a taste of life with a badge.

Thursday was the final day of Waukee's 10-week Citizen Police Academy. The program was designed to give the public a first-hand look at what officers go through, from traffic stops to drug busts, to investigating a crime.

Participants say it was an eye-opener and say everyone in town should take advantage of it.

“Absolutely without a doubt do it. It’s not something that would put you in harm’s way, which my husband thought it would, he said ‘you’re not being auxiliary police are or anything’ and I said ‘no, no, no.’ It kind of tells you what the police go through and gives you  a different respect for the police officers. And I told my son the next time you go out drinking I’m going to do a little test on you, because of what we’ve learned,” said Terry Snyder.

The program includes an abbreviated version of the department's real qualification course.