EPA, ISIS, and Gun Rights- Topics on Senator Ernst’s 99 County Tour

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Seantor Joni Ernst of Red Oak met with the Ames Chamber of Commerce on Friday. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Senator Joni Ernst of Red Oak met with the Ames Chamber of Commerce on Friday. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

AMES, Iowa,  Senator Joni Ernst, (R) from Red Oak is hearing all kinds of questions on her 99 county tour of Iowa. On a visit to the Middle East in October Ernst learned how ISIS is spreading into more countries. She said this will give them more and more taxing authority over lands they rule, and will finance more terrorism.

“We do truly need someone serving in the White House who understands we have to be responsive to these threats..and we have to do it in a timely manner,” said Ernst.  In the Iowa Caucus Ernst said she does not plan to endorse a candidate.

One of the biggest domestic concerns affecting Iowa is the EPA’s Waters of the US  rule.  Ernst said that rule would regulate 97% of the land in Iowa. Ernst said legislation has passed the House and Senate to modify that rule, she said she is hoping the President realizes how oppressive it is, and will sign the law.

Ernst said she is also concerned about President Obama’s executive orders on guns.  She is worried that second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens may be curtailed.

“Some of the things that are concerning might be what they’re defining as mental health issues,” said Ernst. “I get very concerned about that, and who’s making that determination, and are rights being stripped away unfairly?”

Ernst launched her 99 County Tour for 2016 in her hometown of Red Oak on Thursday.  On Friday she visited Fort Dodge, Webster City, Ames, and Carroll.   She said last year Senator Chuck Grassley completed his 99 county tour two weeks ahead of her.  She said this year she hopes to get her tour completed before Grassley.

Senator Ernst also said she is looking forward to her first State of the Union Speech.  Last year, she was selected to give the GOP response to the President, she watched the address on a TV monitor.