Get Your Outdoor Fix Indoors at the Des Moines Boat and Sports Show

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DES MOINES, Iowa - If you're looking for your outdoor fix, look indoors this weekend at the Des Moines Boat and Sports Show.

The show kicked off Friday afternoon at 1 p.m., and runs all weekend inside the Varied Industries Building. The show features plenty of big boats to shop around for, but also features over 100 vendors selling everything from fishing poles to Scentsy wax burners.

"There's something here for the entire family," said Brandon Deets, the show manager.

Hunting and fishing professionals will headline seminars throughout the weekend, as well. And if you're feeling charitable, there's a way to support U.S. veterans at the show, too; the Heroes Hunting Foundation has a booth at the show, selling merchandise, including hoodies, hats, and more. 100 percent of the proceeds will go towards the foundation's mission, which allows U.S. military veterans struggling with PTSD and other challenges to go on therapeutic hunting trips together.

"We all do this mostly out of our own pockets," said Patrick Perkins, President of the foundation. "All the trips that we take, which is all over the country, all the tags, licensing, gas, lodging - all of that is done pretty much out of our own pockets. And, if you've ever been in the military, or know someone who is, we're not paid like Congress. So, we're trying to pick up where we can."

It'll cost you $6.95 to get in as an adult, and it's $3.50 for kids over the age of 10. If a child is 10 or under, they can get in for free. Check out the show's website for coupons on discounted entry. The doors close Sunday at 4 p.m.